Thermal Resistance PE bubble insulations are composed of either one or two layers of air bubbles sandwiched between two aluminium foil.

This insulation is rated and tested by reflectivity and emissivity. It is 96% reflective and 4% emissive, which means the product only allows 4% of radiant heat to pass through it. To put it simple, the insulation does not try to slow the way heat passes through it, the insulation tries to eliminate heat from passing through it.

Construction of pure aluminium foil attached to polyethylene bubble sheet using layer-bonding thermal process making it free of adhesive or chemical. Bubble insulation is Fibre free and block 96% of the radiated heat, that penetrates through a given structure or building.

Standard Dimensions:

Thickness (mm) Width (m) Length (m)
4 & 8 1.2 40


  • Single bubble made of one layer of fire retardant air bubble film laminated with pure aluminium foil on both side .Temperature Range is -122oF to 230 oF (-50°C 110 °C).


  • Double bubble made of two layer of fire retardant air bubble film laminated with pure aluminium foil on both side. Temperature Range -122 oF to 230 oF (-50°C 110 °C).

Technical Data:

Product Types R-value (m2*K/W) Thermal Resistance Emissivity Total Thickness (mm) Temp. Range Qty/Roll (m2/Roll)
Single Bubble Insulation 1.17 0.03 to 0.04 4 mm 122F to 230F 48
Double Bubble Insulation 1.27 0.04 to 0.05 8 mm 122F to 230F 48
Class “A” as per ASTM E-84, Al foil thickness: 12 microns

Packing List:

Product Name Bubble Size Dimension of Roll Reflectivity (%) Total Thickness (mm)
Single  Bubble Insulation (10 mm X 4 mm)x1 1.2 m x 40m 95 % 4 mm
Double  Bubble Insulation (10 mm X 4 mm)x2 1.2 m x 40m 97% 8 mm


Metal Building Freezer
Pole Barn Air-condition Pipe
Crawl Space Works well in both extreme cold and Hot climate
Suit for New and Old building Structure
Wall System
Basement Duct insulation
Garage Car panel

An extremely cost effective Thermal Insulation Material for PEB- Insulation, HVAC- Insulation, Reflective-Insulation, Building- Insulation.