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About Inner Engineering

Inner Engineering is a one of its kind insulation solution provider company. Headquartered in Ahmedabad – one the most rapidly developing cities of India, it has its branches in Gujarat, Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh with its eyes set on expanding Pan India. Inner Engineering has shown the keen spirit of modernist vanguard when it comes to changing the scenario of Insulation Solutions. Inner Engineering has introduced various never thought of solutions in the field of thermal and acoustic insulation, and side by side working on expanding the range for the same.

Our USP is that we are the pioneers of change. We are the first to bring internationally benchmarked and customized insulation solutions to your doorstep. These solutions are specifically designed and tested to perform optimally in India’s vast multi - topographical climatic conditions.

Mitul Shah, the founder wanted to provide not only multiple options to the end – user but also give them the choice to customize their solutions based on the smart design and the structural flexibility that it will offer to their specific requirements. Insulation solutions are used more wide spread in industrial and commercial setups, but with our solutions we have provided the flexibility for it to seamlessly function with industrial, commercial as well as residential setups.

Inner Engineering is driven by the vision of transforming Retail, Residential and Commercial Insulation Solutions into an organized and well informed sector like the Industrial segment.

Inner Engineering has a team of highly trained professionals to provide the right kind of tailor made solutions using the right products. We have developed products to suit solutions. The solutions and their products are as under: 


With a mission of becoming an industry leader in research and innovation in the insulation industry, Inner Engineering is an R&D driven company. We are focused on continuously developing India – centric innovation and quality. Our products are certified by external certification agencies. We are also associated with industry recognized regulatory bodies FSAI and IGBC.

We have played a major role in the successful completion of quite a few major installations, Pan – India. Inner Engineering is here to stay and revolutionize the way Insulation Solutions work!